CAYAN Qnet: net heat flux data

Qnet Qnet Qnet net heat flux from CAYAN: Heat flux and irradiance data analysis of COADS from Cayan of Scripps.

Independent Variables (Grids)

month (time)
grid: /T (months since 1960-01-01) ordered (Jan 1960) to (Mar 1998) by 1.0 N= 459 pts :grid
Longitude (longitude)
grid: /X (degree_east) ordered [ (130E)] :grid
Latitude (latitude)
grid: /Y (degree_north) ordered [ (20N)] :grid

Other Info

W /m2
standard units*
kilogram second-3
Cayan Net Heat Flux Derived from COADS


Cayan, D., 1992: Latent and Sensible Heat Flux Anomalies over the Northern Oceans: The Connection to Monthly Atmospheric Circulation. J. Climate, 5, 354-369.

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Data Views

[ X Y | T]MMM


Here are some filters that are useful for manipulating data. There are actually many more available, but they have to be entered manually. See Ingrid Function Documentation for more information. Average over T |
RMS (root mean square with mean *not* removed) over T |
RMSA (root mean square with mean removed) over T |
Maximum over T |
Minimum over T |
Detrend (best-fit-line) over T |
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