Features Political

Features Political: Boundaries of countries, provinces, districts, and sub-districts.


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Datasets and variables

Africa 1st and 2nd Order Administrative Boundaries.
Features Political Bihar[label the_geom adm2_name ]
15,16, and 17 Districts.
Health Districts.
Chile Admin boundaries.
Departamentos and Municipios.
CIAT provided admin boundaries.
Ministry of Health Sub Zobas.
Zones, Sub-Zones/Woderas.
Ethiopia 1st level of Administrative Boundaries.
Ethiopia 2nd level of Administrative Boundaries.
Ethiopia 3rd level of Administrative Boundaries.
Reduced set of Ethiopia 3rd level of Admin. Boundaries .
Features Political Guatemala[GAUL ]
Honduras Municipalities.
Features Political Humdata[Madagascar Zambia ]
Districts and Provinces in India.
Provinces and Districts.
Delimitations administratives Madagascar.
Health Districts.
Earth Institute Millennium Villages.
Features Political Nepal[Nepal_districts ]
Features Political Niger[Districts ]
Features Political districts_pakistan[first_prov first_pro the_geom first_dist ]
Philippines Districts, Municipalities, Provinces and Regions.
Rwanda 1st and 2nd Order Administrative Boundaries.
Sub-Districts, Wards.
Senegal 2008 2nd Administrative Boundaries.
Senegal Country', '1st', '2nd', '3rd and 4th Order Administrative Boundaries.
Afircan Risk View Senegal 2nd Administrative Boundaries.
Provinces, Districts, Sub-districts, Villages, and Ministry of Health Districts.
Horn Region.
Sub-Districts, Wards.
Tanzania 1st and 2nd Order Administrative Boundaries updated in 2017.
Tanzania 2nd Order Administrative Boundaries used in DHIS2.
(restricted) D56 Districts.
Features Political Uruguay[Seccionales_Policiales ]
Vietnam Provinces and Districts Admin boundaries.
Countries and 1st Order Admin boundaries.
Features Political Zambia[Districts Country Provinces ]
Features Political Zimbabwe[GAUL ]

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