We propose sending GISS GCM monthly mean simulation data from the 
version "SI2000".
horizontal resolution is 4 deg lat by 5 deg long (global grid is 72 
by 46. I=1 is at 177.5W and
J=1 is at 90S.)
12 vertical levels
Forced by synchronous prescribed SST from Hadely 1.1 data, 1951-1998

a) Ensemble of 5 runs (arbitrary difference in initial conditions) 
with time varying radiative forcings
        1. greenhouse gas conc., 2. solar irradiance, 3. tropospheric 
(anthropogenic) aerosols,
        4. stratospheric (volcanic) aerosols, 5. ozone conc., 6. methane induced stratospheric water
b) Control ensemble of 5 runs with constant values for above six forcings

The 5 runs B399VM12 - B399ZM12 have NO radiative forcings. The only
thing that changes from year to year are the ocean data (temperature
and ice coverage, both are prescribed).

The 5 runs B424aM12 - B424eM12 have 6 radiative forcings in addition to
the ocean forcing: solar irradiation, greenhouse gases, tropospheric
aerosols, stratospheric aerosols, ozone, stratospheric water vapor
generated by methane.

Within a series of 5 runs, the only differences are the initial air
temperatures which were randomly perturbed by not more than 1C .