Ghana CIPH CSMT: Climatic Suitability for a Malaria Transmission.


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Datasets and variables

Ghana CIPH CSMT AllCondProb[ X Y T |]
Ghana CIPH CSMT Annual_Sum[ X Y |]
Ghana CIPH CSMT PcpnCondProb[ X Y T |]
Ghana CIPH CSMT RHCondProb[ X Y T |]
Ghana CIPH CSMT TempCondProb[ X Y T |]


Grover-Kopec, E. K., M. B. Blumenthal, P. N. Ceccato, T. Dinku, J. Omumbo, S. J. Connor, 2006: Web-based climate information resources for malaria control in Africa. Malaria Journal, 5:38.

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