IGOSS nmc Reyn_SmithOIv2

IGOSS nmc Reyn_SmithOIv2: SST fields updated from version 1 with more COADS data, new sea-ice to SST conversion algorithm, and 1971-2000 climatology.


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Datasets and variables

IGOSS nmc Reyn_SmithOIv2 climatology[mask c6190 c7100 ]
IGOSS nmc Reyn_SmithOIv2 monthly[mask ssta sst sea_ice ]
IGOSS nmc Reyn_SmithOIv2 pentad-climatology[sst ]
IGOSS nmc Reyn_SmithOIv2 weekly[err mask sea_ice ssta sst ]


Reynolds, R.W., N.A. Rayner, T.M. Smith, D.C. Stokes, and W. Wang, 2002: An Improved In Situ and Satellite SST Analysis for Climate. J. Climate, 15, 1609-1625.

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IGOSS nmc Reyn_SmithOIv2[ ]