Accessing data using your copy of GrADS*

This dataset has 5 dimensions while GRaDS can handle 4 (longitude latitude height time).
You can restrict 1 dimensions to one point each here Data Selection
or use the XDF features in GrADs to remap the dimensions (see GrADS documentation).

This dataset has S units of months since 1960-01-01 (360) for S (S)

DODS allows one to give a application a url and have it directly download data. To read this data into GrADS use
where the first line of the description file looks like
If you have questions, comments, or problems please use the help@iri link. This page will evolve as we learn more about how GrADS handles data downloads, and your help pointing out problems is much appreciated.

*On GrADS startup, the config line should read Config: ... DODS-enabled ..., otherwise DODS (a.k.a. OpenDAP) is not installed and giving GrADS a URL instead of a local file name will result in a file-not-found error. In that case, you can use xdfopen after you download the netcdf file.