Eastern Pacific Pelagic Fisheries

Sources in bold followed by variables in italics.

FEO: Weekly Fishing of the F.E.O. Members Peru Chile

Weekly Fishing: Chile fishing north, Chile fishing south, Chile fishing total, both total and ports* for the following: Pesca Peru fishing, Privates Peru fishing, total Peru fishing, Economics: FOB Peru, soyameal FOB Brasil, FOB index, average fishmeal prices, average soyameal prices.

* ports: Paita, Chimbote, Pisco

Pauly, D., P. Muck, J. Mendo and I. Tsukayama, Editors. 1989. The Peruvian upwelling ecosystem: dynamics and interactions. ICLARM Conference Proceedings 18, 438 p. Instituto del Mar del Peru (IMARPE), Callao, Peru; Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), GmbH, Eschborn, Federal Republic of Germany; and International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM), Manila, Philippines.

Anchoveta: Nominal Catch, Condition Factor, Time Series of Percent Length Frequency data for midlength 4.25 cm to 20.25 cm. Peru I and Peru II: Total Biomass, Recruits, Biomass of Mature Females and Males, Biomass of Mature Females, Egg Production, Biomass Estimates for anchoveta by class length 4.25 cm to 20.25 cm. Environment (abiotics): Mean SST*, Turbulence Index**, Wind Velocity, Laskar Events, Upwelling***, Thermocline Depth, Velocity, SOI, Absorbed Solar Radiation, Mean relat. Cloud Cover, Rossby Radius, NO3, Coastal NO3 flux derived, Coastal Primary Production, Oceanic NO3 flux derived, Oceanic Primary Production, Primary Production. Eggs: Map Standing Stock, Daily Reproductive Output, Anchoveta Parent Stock, Sardine Biomass, Egg Development Time, Z (mortaility), estimated Z. Predation****: Nominal Catch, Total Natural Mortality, Baseline Natural Mortality, Biomass, Consumption, Numbers, Abundance.

* ports: Peru, Callao, Chimbote, Talara, Paita, Chicama, Don Martin, Pisco, San Juan, Ilo, Central Area, Mean SST
** ports: Trujillo, Callao, mean Peru
*** ports: Callao, Trujillo, mean Ocean
**** species (varies with category): bonito, cormorant, booby, pelican, sea lion, fur seal, mackerel, horse mackerel, hake

The Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL) at http://www.nbi.ac.uk/psmsl/rlr.plotlist.html

Sea Level*

* port: La Libertad


Yearly Economics: (Cuadro 7) Size and Capacity of Fish, Flour, and Oil plants: Number of plants, Number of Boats, Ship Hold, Total Capacity, Total Fish, Flour, and Oil Exports, Catch: (Caudro 1): yearly Anchoveta, caballa, jurel, and sardina catch, (Cuadro 3): Catch for Indirect Human consumption total and by port*.

* ports: Paita, Chicama, Chimbote, Callao, Ilo

UHSLC joint archive for sea level: research quality sea level station data at http://uhslc.soest.hawaii.edu/uhslc/rqds.html

Sea Level*

* ports: Talara, Callao