IRI FD COLA T63 Forecast

T63 Forecast from IRI FD COLA: COLA C2.2 ensemble forecasts and simulations of precipitation rate and temperature at canapy air space.


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Datasets and variables

IRI FD COLA T63 Forecast asst[ensemble ]
IRI FD COLA T63 Forecast ssst[ensemble ]

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DeWitt, D. G., 1996: The effect of cumulus convection on the climate of the COLA general circulation model. COLA Tech. Rep. 27, 58 pp. [Available from COLA, 4041 Powder Mill Road, Suite 302, Calverton, MD, 20705-3106.]

Schneider, E. K., 2002: Understanding differences between the equatorial Pacific as simulated by two coupled GCMs. J. Climate, 15, 449-469.

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