IRI FD ECHAM4p5 Forecast

Forecast from IRI FD ECHAM4p5: ECHAM4.5 ensemble forecasts and simulations.


overviewan outline showing sub-datasets of this dataset

Datasets and variables

ECHAM4.5 ensemble forecasts based on Atlantic-blended forecast SST.
ECHAM4.5 retrospective ensemble forecasts based on Constructed Analogue SST.
IRI FD ECHAM4p5 Forecast ECMWF-SST[SST_scenarios SST_ensemble_mean ]
ECHAM4.5 ensemble forecasts based on persisted SST.
ECHAM4.5 ensemble forecasts based on three member ensemble forecast SST.


Roeckner, E., and Coauthors, 1996: The atmospheric general circulation model ECHAM4: Model description and simulation of present-day climate. Max-Planck-Institut fur Meteorologie Rep. 218, Hamburg, Germany, 90 pp.

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IRI FD ECHAM4p5 Forecast[ ]