Real-Time IRI SST Predictions (Forcing for IRI Climate Predictions)


"Anticipated" (evolving, or forecasted) SST anomalies.

  1. Version01: Jul 1998 to Apr 2007. Source: up to Apr 2004, NCEP coupled ENSO forecast model; since May 2004, mean of NECP CFS, LDEO, and CPC constructed analogue (CA) model.
  2. Version02: May 2007 to present, mean of NCEP CFS, LDEO, and CPC CA models (mean of SSST v02).

Observed SST anomaly from previous month added to climatological mean SST for months being forecast.


  1. Version01: May 2004 to Apr 2007.
  2. Version02: May 2007 to present.