Indices: A set of time series that monitor climate.


overviewan outline showing sub-datasets of this dataset

Datasets and variables

Northern Hemispheric Teleconnection Indices from the Climate Prediction Center.
Daily Teleconnection Indices.
Sea level pressure data from Darwin, Australia.
Sea level pressure data from Easter Island.
Analysis of average global temperature at annual, seasonal, and monthly time scales.
Summer monsoon rainfall data from India.
Monthly Teleconnection Indices.
North Atlantic Oscillation Index.
Indices representative of the NINO 1 and 2, NINO 3, NINO 3.4, and NINO 4 regions.
Monthly Pacific Decadal Oscillation Index from JISAO.
Quasi-Biennial Oscillation Index.
Southern Oscillation Index.
Standardized Southern Oscillation Index.
Sea level pressure data from Tahiti.

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