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LDEO TRL Monsoon Asia Drought Atlas

LDEO TRL Monsoon Asia Drought Atlas: Reconstruction of Palmer Drought Severity Index for Monsoon Asia based on tree ring data.


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Asian Overview

Datasets and variables

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Independent Variables (Grids)

Time grid: /T (months since 1960-01-01) ordered (1300) to (2005) by 12.0 N= 706 pts :grid
Longitude grid: /X (degree_east) ordered (61.25E) to (143.75E) by 2.5 N= 34 pts :grid
Latitude grid: /Y (degree_north) ordered (8.75S) to (56.25N) by 2.5 N= 27 pts :grid

Other Info



Cook, E.R., K.J. Anchukaitis, B.M. Buckley, R.D. D'Arrigo, G.C. Jacoby, W.E. Wright, Asian monsoon failure and megadrought during the last millennium, Science, 328(5977), doi:10.1126/science.1185188, 2010

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