The CFSv1 seasonal predictions out to abt 9 months have been operational at NCEP since August 2004, and although already succeeded by CFSv2, is still running (as of early 2012 at least). The atmospheric component has T62L64 atmospheric resolution and the ocean component is a MOM3 model at 0.30 meridional equatorial resolution. Hindcasts are available for 1981-2009. At the time it was the first coupled atmosphere-ocean model at NCEP that had a) so-called 1-tier coupling as opposed to the earlier 2-tier or even AMIP approach, b) semi-global (about 50S-60N) coupling in all oceans (as opposed to coupling in the tropical Pacific only). Details of the model components, the initial states and some forecast results are in Saha et al(2006).

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