Extended Reconstruction Sea Surface Temperature, Version 2

The data are here.

The following is an excerpt from the 'readme' file associated with this data set.

Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperatures, version 2 (ERSST.v2), beginning January

ERSST.v2 is an improved extended reconstruction of SST.  In both version 1 and version 2 
the high-frequency SST anomalies are reconstructed by fitting to a set of spatial modes.  
In version 1 anomaly increments are reconstructed using anomaly increment modes.  In 
version 2 anomalies are reconstructed using anomaly modes.  In regions where variance is 
relatively large the two are comparable, but version 2 better analyzes the anomalies in 
regions where the variance is low.  In addition, version 2 also uses sea-ice concentrations
to improve the high-latitude SST analysis, and a modified historical bias correction for 
the 1939-1941 period. Version 2 also includes an improved error estimate.

Data are available in this directory. All fields were computed on the 2-degree grid. The 
grid has 180 zonal points on 0E, 2E, ..., 358E, and 89 meridional points on 88S, 86S, ..., 
88N.  Over land a value of -99.99 is assigned.  In addition any SST mean value less than 
-1.8C was set to -1.8C.


Smith, T.M., and R.W. Reynolds, 2004: Improved Extended Reconstruction of SST (1854-1997). Journal of Climate, 17, (in press)

Thomas M. Smith (e-mail: Tom.Smith@noaa.gov)
National Climate Data Center
4115 Computer and Space Sciences Building
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-2465 USA

Richard W. Reynolds (e-mail: Richard.W.Reynolds@noaa.gov)
National Climate Data Center
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Asheville, NC 28801