Data Selection

You can choose data by location and other searches here, which is what works best for station data.

You can reduce the amount of data by restricting the range of the grids.

The current settings for the grids are
  • grid: /T (julian_day) ordered (1 Mar 1840) to (30 Nov 2001) by 1.0 N= 59079 pts :grid
  • grid: /ISTA (ids) ordered [ (7028120)] :grid
If this is what you want, choose Stop Selecting: on to the smaller dataset

Setting Ranges

If you want to restrict the range along a grid, choose here.


More General Data Selection

Otherwise, you select data by picking a grid and specifying which values of that grid you want. You can specify a RANGE, or single or multiple VALUES.

If you want all of the data along a particular grid, you do not need to do any selecting: only select a grid that you want to reduce the amount of data along.

P.S.: the Data Viewer lets one select data with a graphical interface. It works even for datasets with three or more dimensions.