NOAA NCEP CPC Merged_Analysis

NOAA NCEP CPC Merged_Analysis: CPC Merged Analysis of Precipitation (CMAP): Analyses of global precipitation using gauge observations, satellite estimates, and numerical model predictions.


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Datasets and variables

NOAA NCEP CPC Merged_Analysis monthly[v0203 v0703 v1611 v0107 v1101 v0507 v1504 v0802 v0806 v9912 v0312 v0605 v0511 latest v0610 v0207 v1001 v0309 v0407 v0809 v1201 v0411 ]
NOAA NCEP CPC Merged_Analysis pentad[v0512 v0605 latest v1306 v0203 v9810 v0301 v0705 v0811 v0410 v0610 v0504 v0107 v0207 v0802 v0806 v0911 v1201 v0309 ]


Xie, P. and P. A. Arkin, 1996: Analyses of Global Monthly Precipitation Using Gauge Observations, Satellite Estimates, and Numerical Model Predictions. J. Climate, 9, 840 -858.

Xie, P. and P. A. Arkin, 1997: Global Precipitation: A 17-Year Monthly Analysis Based on Gauge Observations, Satellite Estimates and Numerical Model Outputs. BAMS, 78, 2539-2558.

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