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NOAA NCEP EMC CFSv2: Climate Forecast System (CFS) Version 2.


overviewan outline showing sub-datasets of this dataset
CFSCFSv2 replaces CFS
CFSv2 documentationadditional CFS v2 documentation
dataset documentationThe NCEP Climate Forecast System

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Datasets and variables

ENSEMBLE hindcasts organized as monthly starts of 24-28 members.
MONTHLY hindcasts organized as pentad starts of 4 members.
MONTHLY_REALTIME forecasts organized as daily starts of 4 members.
NMME_REALTIME_ENSEMBLE Four times daily realtime forecasts sampled from last day of previous month and first 7 days of current month (NMME sampling scheme), organized as monthly starts (S) of 32 members (M), starting from March 2011.
REALTIME_ENSEMBLE pentad realtime forecasts organized as monthly starts of 24-28 members, starting from Apr 2011.

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Saha, S., S. Nadiga, C. Thiaw, J. Wang, W. Wang, Q. Zhang, H.M. Van Den Dool, H.-L. Pan, S. Moorthi, D. Behringer, D. Stokes, M. Pena, S. Lord, G. White,W. Ebisuzaki, P. Peng, and P. Xie, 2006:The NCEP Climate Forecast System. J. Climate 19 (15): 3483-3517.

Suranjana Saha, Shrinivas Moorthi, Xingren Wu, Jiande Wang, Sudhir Nadiga, Patrick Tripp, Hua-Lu Pan, David Behringer, Yu-Tai Hou, Hui-ya Chuang, Mark Iredell, Michael Ek, Jesse Meng, Rongqian Yang, 2011 : The NCEP Climate Forecast System Version 2. To be submitted to the Journal of Climate.

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