SoilGrids GYGA_Results_ll

SoilGrids GYGA_Results_ll from SOURCES: the IRI/LDEO collection of climate data.


overviewan outline showing sub-datasets of this dataset

Datasets and variables

SoilGrids GYGA_Results_ll Aggregated_over30cm[wat_cap_fine wat_cap_abs moist_cont_sat coarse_frag_cont moist_cont_wilt text_class wat_cap_whole ]
SoilGrids GYGA_Results_ll Aggregated_overERZD[wat_cap_fine wat_cap_abs moist_cont_sat root_zone coarse_frag_cont Textural_Class moist_cont_wilt soil_qual wat_cap_whole ]

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SoilGrids GYGA_Results_ll[ ]