CRU05 0.5 Degree 1961-1990 Mean Monthly Climatology

A dataset of mean monthly surface climate over global land areas, excluding Antarctica. Interpolated from station data to 0.5 degree lat/lon for a range of variables: precipitation and wet-day frequency, mean temperature and diurnal temperature range (from which maximum temperature and minimum temperature can be determined), vapour pressure, sunshine, cloud cover, ground-frost frequency and windspeed.The data are described in New, M., M. Hulme and P. Jones, 1999: Representing twentieth-century space-time climate variability. Part I: Development of a 1961-90 mean monthly terrestrial climatology. J. Climate, 12, 829-856.

This is available free of charge and without restriction from the IPCC Data Distribution Centre (

CRU05 0.5 Degree 1901-1995 Monthly Climate Time-Series

A 0.5 degree lat/lon dataset of monthly surface climate extending from 1901 to near real-time (currently 1995) over global land areas, excluding Antarctica. Primary variables are interpolated directly from station time-series: precipitation, mean temperature and diurnal temperature range. Secondary variables are interpolated from station series where data are available and estimated using relationships with primary variables in regions with no data: wet-day frequency, vapour pressure, cloud cover and ground-frost frequency.

The data are described in New, M. G., M. Hulme and P. D. Jones, 2000: Representing twentieth-century space-time climate variability. Part II: Development of 1901-1996 monthly grids of terrestrial surface climate. J. Climate, 13, 2217-2238.

Available on CD or via ftp from the Climatic Research Unit. There is unfortunately a handling charge to cover the costs of postage, relevant publications, data storage and maintenance of the dataset.

Data Release Agreement

You will be required to fill in a data release agreement (and pay the appropriate fee) before you can access the monthly data. In the agreement you will have to fill in details of the project(s) in which you intend to use the data. If, in future, you wish to use the data for different research, you should re-apply for permission - there will be no additional charge, but it helps us keep a record of users and applications. In return, you will be made aware of any new releases or updates to the dataset. The release form for the monthly time-series can be downloaded from – this form also has details of the handling charge associated with the dataset. For a data form for the mean climatology please contact David Viner (

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