UEA CRU TS3p1: TS3.1 Data: Mean surface climate data over global land areas.


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Datasets and variables

UEA CRU TS3p1 climatology[c1901-2009 c1901-2007 ]
UEA CRU TS3p1 monthly[tmn st0 tmp cld frs wet pet dtr tmx vap stn pre ]
UEA CRU TS3p1 r2p5[pre tmp stn ]

Other Info

Important!: On July 12, 2012, BADC added the following note to its CRU TS3.1 documentation page: "A systematic error was discovered in the CRUTS v3.01 process generating the precipitation, wet days and frost frequency data files. New precipitation data files (version 3.01.01) have been generated and are now available in the archive. Wet days and frost frequency files will be made available at a later time." The revised precipitation file and both precipitation station count files were added to the IRI Data Library holdings on July 23, 2012, replacing the previous version of these files.


Harris, I., Jones, P. D., Osborn, T. J., and Lister, D. H., 2014: Updated high-resolution grids of monthly climatic observations - the CRU TS3.10 Dataset. Int. J. Climatol., 34: 623-642. doi: 10.1002/joc.3711

Mitchell, T. D., P. D. Jones. An improved method of constructing a database of monthly climate observations and associated high-resolution grids. Int. J. Climatol. 25, 2005

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