WCRP GCOS GPCC Full Data Product

GCOS GPCC Full Data Product from WCRP: World Climate Research Programme.


overviewan outline showing sub-datasets of this dataset

Datasets and variables

WCRP GCOS GPCC FDP version2018[0p25 0p5 1p0 2p5 ]
WCRP GCOS GPCC FDP version3[1p0 2p5 0p5 ]
WCRP GCOS GPCC FDP version4[1p0 2p5 0p5 ]
WCRP GCOS GPCC FDP version5[1p0 2p5 0p5 ]
WCRP GCOS GPCC FDP version6[1p0 0p5 2p5 ]
WCRP GCOS GPCC FDP version7[1p0 0p5 2p5 ]

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