I am using monthly data. How do I create a monthly average over several years?

Let's use the NOAA/NCDC/GHCN/v2 dataset as an example.

This example begins with the dataset, station, and variable already selected. If you would like more information about these steps, please refer to the Data Libarary Tutorial.

Here I have the mean temperature for Nairobi:


Again, as an example, let's create monthly climatological values of mean temperature for the time period 1970-2000. There are a variety of ways to obtain this information and one of those methods requires the following steps:

  1. Select the Data Selection link in the Function Bar.
  2. Enter the following text in the Time range text box and click the Restrict Ranges button.
    Jan 1970 to Dec 2000 Check Page
  3. Click the Stop Selecting button to return to the main dataset page interface.
  4. Select the Filters link in the Funtion Bar.
  5. Select the Monthly Climatology link. Check Step
  6. If you would like to see a plot of the climatological monthly mean temperature, then click on one of the "Views" links at the very top of the page. If you would like to see a table of these values, then click on the "Tables" link in the table at the top of the page, view the terms associated with the data, and then click on "columnar table".
  7. You can also download the data in a variety of formats by clicking on the "Data Files" link in the table at the top of the page.