How do I use the Data Library to access data on another DODS Server?

Accessing data from another DODS Server is fairly simple. The Data Library does not contain all of the entire NCEP-NCAR Reanalysis and this is one of the most common datasets accessed in this way. Let's use it as an example here.

Information about the Reanalysis data available on the CDC DODS Server can be found at .

  1. Locate the data that you want to access. For this example, we are going to access the Daily Meridional Gravity Wave Stress at the Surface data found at
  2. Enter expert mode. You can get there directly by going here.
  3. Enter the following text in text box and then click "OK".
    Check Step

You can use DODS clients to access data in the Data Library from various software packages, including GrADS, matlab, and ferret. More information about using DODS clients to access data can be found here.

-- Michael Bell / Emily Grover