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Dataset Documentation
Precipitation Estimates
Data:  Daily precipitation estimates, aggregated by dekad (approximately 10 days) on a 0.25° x 0.25° latitude/lonitude grid
Data Source:  Climate Prediction Center Morphing Technique (CMORPH)
Reference:  Joyce, R.J., J.E. Janowiak, P. A. Arkin and P. Xie, 2004: CMORPH: A Method that Produces Global Precipitation Estimates from Passive Microwave and Infrared Data at High Spatial and Temporal Resolution. J. Hydrometeorology, 5, 487-503.

Description:  These data are presented in "dekads". Every month has three dekads, such that the first two dekads have 10 days (i.e., 1-10, 11-20), and the third is comprised of the remaining days of the month. Therefore, the length of the third dekad of each month is not consistent and varies from 8-11 days, depending on the length of the month. In order to view data in this interface, dates must be entered as dekads.

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