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Active Triggers

Active Triggers in Guatemala for the latest forecasts for all shocks.

The dashboard and the map show Provinces and 1˚ grid boxes currently under an active trigger for all the possible shocks: Drought. The map provides a visual of which grid boxes are under no / active trigger. The dashboard lists all Guatemala Provinces, whether they are under an active trigger or not and the target date of the shock to occur. The "Map" hyperlink pops a map of Guatemala with the corresponding Province identified.

Clicking on a Province of the map will highlight the name of said Province on the dashboard.

The Drought shock is defined as the lowest Tercile (below normal) and the top menu in the Control bar allows to define its trigger threshold. Both the dashboard and the map update accordingly. For exploration, user can also check forecasts made in the past, as opposed to the default latest forecast issued.

The Drought trigger activates when a certain probability (40% by default) of below normal (lowest tercile) of the subseasonal precipitation forecast is reached for the coming weeks (weeks 2-3 by default).

Dataset Documentation

Forecast: Global 1˚ Multi-Model Ensemble forecasts probabilities by category and dominant terciles probabilities available here.


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