Seasonal Standardized Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly

This map displays seasonal standardized sea surface temperature anomalies for the season indicated.

The climatological base period used to calculate the sea surface temperature anomalies is 1971-2000, and the base period used for the standardization is November 1981 to present. Yellow to orange colors on the map indicate areas where sea surface temperature for the season shown is above the climatological value for that season of the year, and blue shades indicate where sea surface temperature is below normal. Shading and contours start at +/- 1.0 s.d., and the shading and contour interval is 0.5 s.d.

Dataset Documentation

Seasonal Standardized Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly

Reynolds and Smith OISST Version 2 monthly sea surface temperature anomalies (in °C) from 1971-2000 base period on a 1.0° lat/lon grid
Data Source
NCEP (OISST Version 2)
Seasonal sea surface temperature anomalies with respect to the 1971-2000 seasonal climatology standardized with respect to the November 1981 to present base period


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