How Well Can We Predict Seasonal Climate?

This map shows where IRI 3-month forecasts are consistently good at predicting seasonal rainfall for at least one season of the year.

Specific patterns of rainfall that can be predicted 3 months in advance are strongest in the tropical regions, which you can see on this map. If you are in a red or yellow area, we recommend monitoring seasonal forecasts all year long for current confidence levels in predicted rainfall.


The map categories are calculated as follows:

Assume a simple model, in which you will break even over many years if you ignore the forecast and prepare evenly for below-normal, normal, and above-normal rainfall. If you don’t ignore the forecast and instead invest preparedness resources according to the forecast probabilities of each category, based on this simplified model, you would

These categories are based on the Effective Interest Rate which is derived from the Likelihood Score. Detailed information on these skill scores is available on IRI’s Seasonal Forecast Verification Webpages.

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