BoM POAMA M24 Realtime m24c

BoM POAMA M24 Realtime m24c: POAMA 2.4C Multiweek Real-time Forecasts.


outlinean outline showing all sub-datasets and variables contained in this dataset
POAMA Forecast DataTHREDDS Data Server for POAMA Realtime Forecasts
The New POAMA2 SystemDescription of the POAMA-2 (M24) Forecast System

Datasets and variables

BoM POAMA M24 Realtime m24c hr24_prcp[ X Y | L S M]
BoM POAMA M24 Realtime m24c sfc_temp[ X Y | L S M]
BoM POAMA M24 Realtime m24c tsaira[ X Y | L S M]

Independent Variables (Grids)

Lead (forecast_period) grid: /L (months) ordered (1.0 months) to (9.0 months) by 1.0 N= 9 pts :grid
Ensemble Member (realization) grid: /M (unitless) ordered (0.0) to (10.0) by 1.0 N= 11 pts :grid
Pressure Level grid: /P (hPa) ordered [ (850.0) (700.0) (500.0) (200.0)] :grid
Start Time (forecast_reference_time) grid: /S (days since 1960-01-01 00:00:00) ordered (0000 3 May 2012) to (0000 17 Sep 2020) by 7.0 N= 438 pts :grid
longitude (longitude) grid: /X (degree_east) periodic (0) to (2.5W) by 2.5 N= 144 pts :grid
latitude (latitude) grid: /Y (degree_north) ordered [ (88.09951N) (85.63759N) (83.16113N) (80.68138N) (78.20039N) (75.7188N) (73.23686N) (70.75472N) (68.27245N) (65.79008N) (63.30764N) (60.82515N) (58.34262N) (55.86006N) (53.37748N) (50.89487N) (48.41226N) (45.92963N) (43.44699N) (40.96433N) (38.48167N) (35.99901N) (33.51634N) (31.03366N) (28.55098N) (26.0683N) (23.58561N) (21.10292N) (18.62023N) (16.13754N) (13.65484N) (11.17214N) (8.689447N) (6.206748N) (3.724049N) (1.24135N) (1.24135S) (3.724049S) (6.206748S) (8.689447S) (11.17214S) (13.65484S) (16.13754S) (18.62023S) (21.10292S) (23.58561S) (26.0683S) (28.55098S) (31.03366S) (33.51634S) (35.99901S) (38.48167S) (40.96433S) (43.44699S) (45.92963S) (48.41226S) (50.89487S) (53.37748S) (55.86006S) (58.34262S) (60.82515S) (63.30764S) (65.79008S) (68.27245S) (70.75472S) (73.23686S) (75.7188S) (78.20039S) (80.68138S) (83.16113S) (85.63759S) (88.09951S)] :grid


Hudson, D., Marshall, A.G., Yin, Y., Alves, O., Hendon, H.H. 2013. Improving intraseasonal prediction with a new ensemble generation strategy. Monthly Weather Review doi:10.1175/MWR-D-13-00059.1, In press

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