SODA: A Reanalysis of Ocean Climate

The data can be found here.

SODA_1.4.2 is UMD/TAMU reanalysis product using an global model based initially on POP_1.3 numerics and SODA procedure. More information about this version of SODA can be found here.

The horizontal resolution of POP on the equator is 28km x 44km reducing to an approximately uniform 25km x 25 km in the weatern North Atlantic. Vertically, it contains 40 levels, from ocean surface to about 5500m.

The OI analysis was done with our SODA procedure every 10 day on 1 by 1 degree resulotion. The observation data of sst, temperature and salinity were used in the analysis. Altimetry data were not used in this product.

The datasets we provided are on a 0.5 x 0.5 degree horizontal resolution with 40 levels, from 5m to 5374m. The variables in the datasets are: temperature, salinity, zonal & meridional velocities, windstresses, sea surface height. The time coverage is monthly, from 1958 to 2001.

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Thanks for your interest in our SODA products. Any feedback is welcome and will be greatly appreciated.