CIESIN GPWv3 grid2p5arcmin

CIESIN GPWv3 grid2p5arcmin: Gridded Population of the World, Version 3, from the Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) at CIESIN, gridded at 2.5 arc-minute resolution.


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Gridded Population of the World, Version 3 (CIESIN)

Datasets and variables

CIESIN GPWv3 grid2p5arcmin adjusted[density count ]
CIESIN GPWv3 grid2p5arcmin areag[ X Y |]
CIESIN GPWv3 grid2p5arcmin madmg[ X Y |]
CIESIN GPWv3 grid2p5arcmin natids[nationalinfo id ]
CIESIN GPWv3 grid2p5arcmin notadjusted[density count ]

Independent Variables (Grids)

Time (time) grid: /T (months since 1960-01-01) ordered (1990) to (2000) by 60.0 N= 3 pts :grid
Longitude (longitude) grid: /X (degree_east) periodic (179.9792W) to (179.9792E) by 0.04166667 N= 8640 pts :grid
Latitude (latitude) grid: /Y (degree_north) ordered (84.97916N) to (57.97917S) by 0.04166666 N= 3432 pts :grid

Other Info

The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York and the Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT) hold the copyright of this data set. Users are prohibited from any commercial, non-free resale, or redistribution without explicit written permission from CIESIN and CIAT. Users should acknowledge CIESIN and CIAT as the source used in the creation of any reports, publications, new data sets, derived products, or services resulting from the use of this data set. CIESIN and CIAT also request reprints of any publications and notification of any redistributing efforts.


Balk, D., G. Yetman, 2004: The Global Distribution of Population: Evaluating the gains in resolution refinement. GPWv3 working paper. CIESIN. (available at

Balk, D., M. Brickman, B. Anderson, F. Pozzi, G. Yetman, 2005: Mapping global urban and rural population distributions: Estimates of future global population distribution to 2015 (Annex). FAO Environment and Natural Resources Working Paper No. 24. (available at

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