DOE NETL OE_417 States tables

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Additional Resources UsedArea AffectedCityCountyDemand LossEvent TypeLabelNumber of Customers AffectedNERC RegionStateState IDDate Event BeganDate of Restoration
idsidsidsidsMWidsidsidsidsidsdays since 2000-01-01days since 2000-01-01
NSouth CarolinaNANA450.0Ice StormAlabama, United States of America133000.0SERCSouth Carolina12470755 23 Jan 20001200 28 Jan 2000
NNorth Carolina and Northern South CarolinaNANA960.0Ice stormAlabama, United States of America173000.0SERCNorth Carolina; South Carolina1240471857 24 Jan 20001857 24 Jan 2000
NSouth CarolinaNANA300.0Ice StormAlabama, United States of America81000.0SERCSouth Carolina12472204 29 Jan 20001200 3 Feb 2000
NMaineNANAVandalismAlabama, United States of AmericaMAINMaine12262107 14 Mar 20002107 14 Mar 2000
NTexasNANA400.0Transmission Line LossAlabama, United States of America100000.0MAINTexas12501604 18 Mar 20001716 18 Mar 2000
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