ECOSYSTEMS Matthews Vegetation Index

ECOSYSTEMS Matthews Vegetation Index: Global vegetation and ecosystems data.


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Datasets and variables

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Independent Variables (Grids)

Longitude (longitude) grid: /X (degree_east) periodic (179.5W) to (179.5E) by 1.0 N= 360 pts :grid
Latitude (latitude) grid: /Y (degree_north) ordered (89.5S) to (89.5N) by 1.0 N= 180 pts :grid

Other Info

Matthews Global Vegetation Index


Matthews, E. 1983. Global vegetation and land use: New high-resolution data bases for climate studies. J. Clim. Appl. Meteor. 22, 474-487

Matthews, E. 1984. Prescription of Land-surface Boundary Conditions in GISS GCM II: A Simple Method Based on High-resolution Vegetation Data Sets. NASA TM-86096. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Washington, D.C.

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