FSU: Florida State University wind analysis.


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Datasets and variables

Monthly wind stress anomaly relative to the four year running mean.
Raw wind stress data from FSU converted to anomalies by subtraction of the climatology.
Climatology used in computing anomalies.
Detrended FSU wind stress data.
Full wind speeds.
Spatial and temporal smoothing of FSU monthly wind stress data.

Independent Variables (Grids)

Longitude (longitude) grid: /X (degree_east) ordered (124E) to (70W) by 2.0 N= 84 pts :grid
Latitude (latitude) grid: /Y (degree_north) ordered (29S) to (29N) by 2.0 N= 30 pts :grid

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Legler, D.M., and J.J. O'Brien, 1988; Tropical Pacific wind stress analysis for TOGA, IOC Time series of ocean measurements, IOC Technical Series 33, Volume 4, UNESCO.

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