DODS data downloads

DODS allows one to give a application a url and have it directly download data. In this case the url is
Examples of using DODS
ferretset data ""

das attribute object
dds data type object
dods data object
info info object (attributes, types and other information)
ver return the version number of the server
help help information (this text)
When you give that url to a DODS client, it actually sends a url with one of the following six file extensions: .das, .dds, .dods, .info, .ver or .help. The extensions tell the DODS server which object to return (see table).

Note: Many DODS clients supply these extensions for you so you don't need to append them (for example when using interfaces supplied by DODS or software re-linked with a DODS client-library). Generally, you only need to add these extensions if you are typing a URL directly into a WWW browser.

*On GrADS startup, the config line should read Config: ... DODS-enabled ..., otherwise DODS is not installed and giving GrADS a URL will result in a file-not-found error.