$integral dY$ detrended-bfl detrended-bfl $partialdiff sub T$ $partialdiff sub T$ $partialdiff sub T$ detrended-bfl $integral dX$ $integral dY$ detrended-bfl $integral dX$ $integral dT$ detrended-bfl [ IGOSS nmc Reyn_SmithOIv1 monthly ssta climatology ] ArcInfo Downloads

The latitude and longitude ranges of your data are given below. If you would like to reset the longitude range, enter the new limts in the text boxes and click the Reset Longitude Limits button.

to by 1.0

Latitude goes from -90.0 to 90.0 by 1.0

This dataset depends on the following independent variable (i.e, grid):

grid: /T (months since 1960-01-01) ordered (Dec 1960) to (Sep 1961) by 1.0 N= 10 pts :grid

so there will be 10 links below for the different files.

You may want to get a utility like wget which can download sets of files. For example (all one line)

wget -r -l2 -nd --no-parent -e robots=off -v --relative 'http://iridl.ldeo.columbia.edu/SOURCES/.IGOSS/.nmc/.Reyn_SmithOIv1/.monthly/.ssta/yearly-climatology/%5BY+%5Ddetrend-bfl/Y+differences/T+integral/X+integral/%5BY+%5Ddetrend-bfl/Y+integral/X+integral/%5BX+T+%5Ddetrend-bfl/T+partial/T+partial/T+partial/%5BY+%5Ddetrend-bfl/%5BX+T+%5Ddetrend-bfl/Y+integral/downloadsarcinfo.html'

single quotes are necessary in unix to protect the url from expansion; probably necessary in other cases as well
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