IITM All_India Temperature

IITM All_India Temperature: County-level temperature data from the IITM.


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Datasets and variables

IITM All_India Temperature TMAX[ T |]
IITM All_India Temperature TMIN[ T |]

Independent Variables (Grids)

Time grid: /T (months since 1960-01-01) ordered (Jan 1901) to (Dec 1990) by 1.0 N= 1080 pts :grid

Other Info

Indian Monthly Temperature - All_India


Pant, G.B. and Rupa Kumar, K., 1997. Climates of South Asia. John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, 320 pp.

Rupa Kumar K., Krishna Kumar K., Pant G.B., 1994. Diurnal asymmetry of surface temperature trends over India. Geophysical Research Letters, 21, 677-680.

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