Homogeneous Indian Monthly Temperature

The data can be found here. Users must follow the data use guidelines and restrictions of the IITM stated below. The following is a subset of the documentation provided by the IITM. Please refer to the IITM data website for additional information.

Note that the lat/lon coordinates of each "station" approximate the center of each region. An image of the IITM regions can be found here.

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IITM Indian Regional Monthly Surface Air Temperature data set


K. Rupa Kumar
K. Krishna Kumar
G.B. Pant
D.R. Kothawale

Raw Data Source:

India Meteorological Department

Data Period:


Accompanying Data Files:


Data Description:

The network selected to work out these regional means of maximum and
minimum temperatures consists of 121 uniformly distributed
stations for which temperature data are available from 1901. Adequate
care has been taken to ensure that the data are homogeneous and free
from changes in observational procedures. All-India and six regional
means of the temperatures have been worked out by computing the
arithmetic means of the data at stations comprising the region.
The regions have been delineated based on their distinct climatic and
geographical settings.

Key References

Rupa Kumar K., Krishna Kumar K., Pant G.B., 1994. Diurnal asymmetry of surface temperature trends over India. Geophysical Research Letters, 21, 677-680.

Pant, G.B. and Rupa Kumar, K., 1997. Climates of South Asia. John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, 320 pp.

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