Indices daily SACZ

Indices daily SACZ: Oceanic - SACZ.


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Datasets and variables

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Independent Variables (Grids)

Time (time) grid: /T (julian_day) ordered (1 Jan 1979) to (31 Dec 2013) by 1.0 N= 12784 pts :grid


Silva, A. E., and L. M. V. Carvalho, 2007: Large-scale index for South America Monsoon (LISAM). Atmospheric Science Letters, 8, 51-57, DOI:10.1002/asl.150; Carvalho, L. M. V., A. E. Silva, C. Jones, B. Liebmann, P. L. Silva Dias, H. R. Rocha, 2011: Moisture transport and Intraseasonal Variability in the South America Monsoon System. Climate Dynamics , DOI 10.1007/s00382-010-0806-2

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