NOAA Baseline Climatological Dataset - Monthly Weather Station Temperature and Precipitation Data

This is a collection of quality-controlled monthly data from over 8000 weather stations located around the world. The data is available here as a dataset, including an interactive data viewer and downloadable data files.

This dataset is quality controlled with respect to time and space and is derived from the Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN). The GHCN is modified by performing reproducible quality control procedures both temporally and spatially and by updating the dataset on a seasonal basis with MCDW data. This dataset contains absolute temperature and precipitation with quality control flags. Descriptions of the quality control procedure and flags are included with the data.


Baker, C.B., J.K. Eischeid, T.R. Karl, and H.F. Diaz, 1994: The quality control of long-term climatological data using objective data analysis. Preprints of AMS Ninth Conference on Applied Climatology, Dallas, TX., January 15-20, 1995.

This dataset was produced by the Global Climate Perspectives System (GCPS).

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