raw from NOAA NCDC GHCN v2: Monthly weather station temperature data from the Global Historical Climate Network.


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Datasets and variables

NOAA NCDC GHCN v2 raw Max[temp ]
NOAA NCDC GHCN v2 raw mean[temp ]
NOAA NCDC GHCN v2 raw Min[temp ]

Independent Variables (Grids)

station grid: /IWMO (ids) ordered [ (1001000) (1005001) (1008000) ... (99914001)] N= 7280 pts :grid
time grid: /T (months since 1960-01-01) ordered (Jan 1701) to (Nov 2013) by 1.0 N= 3755 pts :grid
version grid: /VER (unitless) ordered (0.0) to (9.0) by 1.0 N= 10 pts :grid


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