Description of CPC/Famine Early Warning System Africa Rainfall Climatology (ARC) Daily Precipitation Estimates

For documentation on the ARC data set and how it differs from the RFE V2.0 operational data set, see the following web page:

and the following CPC document: RFE Climatology Paper for 2004 AMS Conference on Applied Climatology.

The following information is excerpted from the "readme" file associated with this data set:

This is the readme file for daily NOAA/Climate Prediction Center's Africa Rainfall 
Climatology (ARC)

There are a few missing days within this Jan 1995-Present dataset.  This is due to either
 bad GTS rain gauge observations or bad raw Meteosat IR temperature data.

For information about data methodology or other questions, see:

or contact:

Timothy Love  301-763-8000 x7549


Each day of data corresponds to the 24 hour temporal domain of 0600Z day 1 until 0530Z 
day +1.  Spatial domain covers the entire Africa continent from 20.0W-55.0E and 
40.0S-40.0N at a resolution of 0.1

Each file is in binary format with a single record.  Created on a HPUX workstation, files 
are in 4-byte big_endian format and thus must be byteswapped if reading on a 
little_endian machine (Linux, SGI,
x86 pc).

File structure is a 751x801 array (constant 0.1 degree resolution) of floating point 
precipitation estimate values.  Pixel 1,1 corresponds with the geographic coordinate 
of 20.0W,40.0S.  Pixel 2,1 is 19.9W,40.0S.  Pixel 751,801 is 55.0E,40.0S.  Moving 
northward a tenth of degree, pixel 1,2 is 20.0W,39.9S.  And so on.  The final pixel 
in each file array is thus 751,801 = 55.0E,40.0N.

Uncompressed file size:  2406204 bytes = 4 bytes/pixel * 751 lon points * 801 lat points

For a GrADS control or GIS header file, contact me and I'll gladly set you up.