Description of Southern Asia NOAA/Climate Prediction Center RFE2.0 Daily Precipitation Estimates

Original documentation can be found in the SOUTH_ASIA_README.txt file at

For more documentation, see RFE2.0 Documents: Southern Asia RFE Paper and the following web page at the Climate Prediction Center:

The following information is excerpted from the "SOUTH_ASIA_README.txt" file referred to above:

This is the readme file for archived southern Asia area NOAA/Climate Prediction Center RFE2.0 daily rainfall estimates.  This file
describes all archived rainfall estimates for the region, though the data located on the NOAA/CPC anonymous ftp server: and


  Southern Asia area daily rainfall estimates

    --graphics for May 01, 2001 - July 31, 2003:  'cpc_rfe_v2.0_sa_dly.YYYYMMDD.gif'
    --data for May 01, 2001 - July 31, 2003:  'cpc_rfe_v2.0_sa_dly.bin.YYYYMMDD.gz'  where
YYYY is year, MM is month, DD is day.

    --Spatial domain:  70.0-110.0E; 5.0-35.0N
    --Temporal domain:  00Z-00Z

    --Resolution:  0.1 x 0.1 degree

    --File structure:  binary, 4-byte floating point, big_endian

                       undefined = -999.0

                       file contains one record with (401 pixels in x direction) * (301 pixels in y direction) = 120701 points

                       uncompressed file size = 120701 points * 4 bytes per point = 482804

                       file starting pixel = (5.0N;70.0E)
                       pixel #2 = (5.0N;60.1E)
                       pixel #402 = (5.1N;60.0E)
                       pixel #120701 = (35.0N;110.0E)

    --Monthly accumulations for 2003 are available as created with similar format to daily

These products were created by the NOAA/Climate Prediction Center's FEWS-NET group sponsored by USAID.  For details regarding
the algorithm, see  For usage or other information, contact or

August 11, 2003
Modified October 20, 2003