CPC daily US unified precipitation

.25x.25 Daily US Precipitation gridded and smoothed.

Dataset is derived from 3 sources: NCDC daily co-op stations (1948-...), CPC dataset (River Forecast Centers data + 1st order stations - 1992-...), and daily accumulations from hourly precipitation dataset (1948-...). There are about 13000 station reports each day for 1992-..., and about 8000 reports before that yielding about 3x the reports of any existing historic and operational analyses as of 2000. Future versions of the unified will also include any other raingauge precip datasets. The data were QC-ed to eliminate duplicates and overlapping stations, and standard deviation and buddy checks were applied.. Then they were gridded into 0.25x 0.25, 140W-60W, 20N-60N using a Cressman Scheme.

Evgeney S Yarosh eyarosh@ncep.noaa.gov