Description of CPC US-Mexico Gridded Daily Rainfall Archive (Jan. 1, 1948 to Dec. 31, 2004)

Information on the regional and real-time retrospective analyses available from the U.S. Climate Prediction Center can be found here:

Original documentation on the U.S. - Mexico data set can be found in the README file at

The following information is excerpted from the "README" file referred to above:


The files "us_mex.y????" contain the daily gridded precipitation analysis
over the US and Mexico from Jan. 1, 1948 to December 31, 2001.

(1) Data Source: The US portion of the analysis was based on the CPC Unified 
                 Precipitation Data Set and the Mexico 
                 portion was based on daily station data from about 300 gauge 
                 stations prior to the 90's and ~600 after.

(2) Resolution:  1 degree longitude by 1 degree latitude

(3) Domain:      The domain of the analysis is (140W-60W, 10N-60N). The first 
		 grid point is (140W, 10N), the second one is (139W, 10N), ...,
                 and the last one is (60W, 60N).

(4) Window:	 From 12Z to 12Z for each day. 

(5)Anal. Scheme: Modified Cressman (1959) Scheme (Glahn et al. 1985; Charba 
                 et al. 1992). 

(6) Format:      The format is direct access 32-bit IEEE floats created on a 
                 big_endian platform (e.g. cray, sun, sgi and hp). 
                 The undefined (missing) value is -9999.

(7) Units:       mm/day

Users who use GrADS will find the "control file" very useful because it 
contains all information about the data.