Choose the variable you would like a table from: 0-300m_ocean_layer heat content above_ground maximum Temperature above_ground minimum Temperature above_ground Specific humidity above_ground Temperature above_ground zonal wind above_ground meridional wind BelowSeaLevel Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential BelowSeaLevel Temperature bndary-layer_cld_layer cloud cover high-cloud cloud cover low-cloud cloud cover middle-cloud cloud cover MSL Pressure reduced to MSL ocean_isothermal_layer_bot isothermal depth ocean_mixed_layer_bot ocean mixed layer depth PressureLevel Geopotential height PressureLevel Stream function PressureLevel Temperature PressureLevel zonal wind PressureLevel meridional wind PressureLevel Velocity potential PressureLevel Pressure vertical velocity soil moisture soil Temperature surface Convective precip. rate surface Geometric height surface downward longwave flux surface ground Ground heat flux surface Planetary boundary layer height surface Latent heat flux surface potential evaporation surface Precipitation rate surface Pressure surface Sensible heat flux surface Accum. snow surface Temperature surface upward longwave flux surface upward solar flux surface Water runoff top upward longwave flux top upward solar flux