Choose the variable you would like a table from: 0CIsotherm geopotential height 0CIsotherm relative humidity 180-0mbAGL convective avail. pot. energy 180-0mbAGL convective inhibition 1829AMSL tmp 1829m above MSL 1829AMSL u wind at 1829m above MSL 1829AMSL v wind at 1829m above MSL 2743AMSL tmp 2743m above MSL 2743AMSL u wind at 2743m above MSL 2743AMSL v wind at 2743m above MSL 30-0mbAGL 30-0 mb above gnd relative humidity 30-0mbAGL 30-0 mb above gnd specific humidity 30-0mbAGL 30-0 mb above gnd temp 30-0mbAGL 30-0 mb above gnd zonal wind 30-0mbAGL 30-0 mb above gnd meridional wind 3658AMSL tmp 3658m above MSL 3658AMSL u wind at 3658m above MSL 3658AMSL v wind at 3658m above MSL 500mb 500mb 5-wave geopot. height anomaly 500mb 5-wave geopotential height convectCloud bottom pressure convectCloud top pressure convectCloud total cloud cover Geopotential height anomaly at 1000 mb Geopotential height anomaly at 500 mb geopotential height highCloud high cloud bottom pressure highCloud high cloud top pressure highCloud total cloud cover highCloud high cloud top temp. lowCloud high cloud bottom pressure lowCloud high cloud top pressure lowCloud total cloud cover lowCloud high cloud top temp. maxWindLevel Geopotential height maxWindLevel pressure maxWindLevel Temp maxWindLevel u wind maxWindLevel v wind midCloud high cloud bottom pressure midCloud high cloud top pressure midCloud total cloud cover midCloud high cloud top temp. PressureLevel cloud water PressureLevel geopotential height PressureLevel ozone mixing ratio PressureLevel vertical pressure velocity PressureLevel specific humidity PressureLevel relative humidity PressureLevel stream function PressureLevel temperature PressureLevel zonal wind PressureLevel meridional wind PressureLevel velocity potential PressureLevel absolute vorticity pvUnits hgt 2 pv units pvUnits hgt 32770 pv units pvUnits pressure 2 pv units pvUnits pressure 32770 pv units pvUnits temp 2 pv units pvUnits temp 32770 pv units pvUnits u wind 2 pv units pvUnits u wind32770 pv units pvUnits v wind 2 pv units pvUnits v wind32770 pv units pvUnits vertical speed shear 2 pv units pvUnits vertical speed shear 32770 pv units 2m specific humidity relative humidity 2m relative humidity sigma0.33-1.00 relative humidity sigma0.44-0.72 relative humidity sigma0.44-1.00 relative humidity sigma0.72-0.94 relative humidity sigma0.995 potential temp. sigma0.995 relative humidity sigma0.995 temperature. sigma0.995 u wind sigma0.995 v wind sigma0.995 pressure vertical velocity soil0-10cm Volumetric soil moisture soil0-10cm temperature soil10-200cm Volumetric soil moisture soil10-200cm temperature surface best 4-layer lifted index surface albedo surface convective avail. pot. energy surface Categorical freezing rain [yes=1;no=0] surface Categorical ice pellets [yes=1;no=0] surface convective inhibition surface convective precip rate surface Categorical rain [yes=1;no=0] surface Categorical snow [yes=1;no=0] surface geometric height surface downward long wave flux surface downward short wave flux surface ground heat flux surface geopotential height surface planetboundary layer height surface ice concentration surface land cover surface surface lifted index surface latent heat flux surface potential evaporation surface precip rate surface pressure surface pressure reduced to MSL surface sensible heat flux surface temperature surface zonal gravity wave stress surface zonal momentum flux surface upward long wave flux surface upward short wave flux surface meridional gravity wave stress surface water runoff surface accum. snow Forecast Time max 2m temperature min 2m temperature boundary layer total cloud cover 2m temperature top downward long wave flux top upward long wave flux totalAirColumn cloud water totalAirColumn cloud work function totalAirColumn precipitable water totalAirColumn relative humidity totalAirColumn total cloud cover totalAirColumn total ozone tropopause Geopotential height tropopause pressure tropopause temperature tropopause u wind tropopause v wind tropopause vertical speed shear 10m u wind above ground 10m v wind above ground