NOAA NCEP EMC CFSv2 6_hourly_rotating

6_hourly_rotating from NOAA NCEP EMC CFSv2: Climate Forecast System (CFS) Version 2.


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Datasets and variables

NOAA NCEP EMC CFSv2 6_hourly_rotating FLXF[2m_above_ground 10-40_cm_down 100-200_cm_down surface top_of_atmosphere boundary_layer convective_cloud low_cloud high_cloud T 0-10_cm_down 40-100_cm_down entire_atmosphere 0-200_cm_down 10m_above_ground hybrid_level middle_cloud ]
NOAA NCEP EMC CFSv2 6_hourly_rotating PGBF[0C_isotherm pressure_level 2m_above_ground 6000-0m_above_ground 3658m_above_Mean_Sea_Level PRMSL max_wind 0.72-0.94sigma_layer PV=-2e-06_surface 180-0mb_above_ground 1000mb 1000-0m_above_ground 2743m_above_Mean_Sea_Level mean_sea_level T entire_atmosphere Model_top_level 0.44-1sigma_layer PV=2e-06_surface 30-0mb_above_ground tropopause 3000-0m_above_ground 1829m_above_Mean_Sea_Level 4572m_above_Mean_Sea_Level surface 500mb highest_tropospheric_freezing_level 0.44-0.72sigma_layer stream_function 0.33-1sigma_layer 0.995sigma_level ]



Suranjana Saha, Shrinivas Moorthi, Xingren Wu, Jiande Wang, Sudhir Nadiga, Patrick Tripp, Hua-Lu Pan, David Behringer, Yu-Tai Hou, Hui-ya Chuang, Mark Iredell, Michael Ek, Jesse Meng, Rongqian Yang, 2011 : The NCEP Climate Forecast System Version 2. To be submitted to the Journal of Climate.

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NOAA NCEP EMC CFSv2 6_hourly_rotating[ ]