UMD GLCF GIMMS NDVIg global sat: NOAA satellite data

GLCF GIMMS NDVIg global NOAA satellite from UMD: University of Maryland.

Independent Variables (Grids)

Time (time)
grid: /T (days since 1981-01-01 00:00:00) ordered [ (0000 1 Jul 1981) (0000 1 Mar 1985) (0000 1 Nov 1988) (0000 1 Sep 1994) (0000 16 Jan 1995) (0000 1 Nov 2000) (0000 1 Jan 2004)] :grid

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Pinzon, J., Brown, M. E., and Tucker, C. J., 2005. Satellite time series correction of orbital drift artifacts using empirical mode decomposition. In: N. Huang (Editor), Hilbert-Huang Transform: Introduction and Applications, pp. 167-186.

Tucker, C. J., J. E. Pinzon, M. E. Brown, D. A. Slayback, E. W. Pak, R. Mahoney, E. F. Vermote, and N. El Saleous (2005), An Extended AVHRR 8-km NDVI Data Set Compatible with MODIS and SPOT Vegetation NDVI Data. International Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol 26:20, pp. 4485-4498.

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Data Views

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Here are some filters that are useful for manipulating data. There are actually many more available, but they have to be entered manually. See Ingrid Function Documentation for more information. Average over T |
RMS (root mean square with mean *not* removed) over T |
RMSA (root mean square with mean removed) over T |
Maximum over T |
Minimum over T |
Detrend (best-fit-line) over T |
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