Help Resources

The Help Resources include basic and statistics tutorials, function documentation, and other resources to help you get the maximum utility out of the Data Library


The Data Library is both a catalog and a library of datasets, i.e. it both helps you figure out which data you want, and helps you work with the data. The interface allows you to make plots, tables, and files from any dataset, its subsets, or processed versions thereof.

This data server is designed to make data accessible to people using WWW clients (viewers) and to serve as a data resource for WWW documents. Since most documents cannot use raw data, the server is able to deliver the data in a variety of ways: as data files, as tables, and in a variety of plots (line, contour, color, vector) and plot formats (PostScript and gif). Processing of the data, particularly averaging and sampling, can be requested as well.

The ultimate vision is to automatically create a web of hypertext that connects final results to analyses to the original data.

The goal of this tutorial is to introduce you to the structure of the Data Library and the many ways to navigate through it.
Statistical techniques are essential tools for analyzing large datasets; this statistics tutorial thus covers essential skills for many data library users.
Index for comprehendible climate-related terms that are used within the Data Library Maprooms.
The IRI Data Library is built on Ingrid, a PostScript-based language, that facilitates the creation of user-tailored analyses and graphics. The following reference section, Ingrid Function Documentation, provides information about the most commonly-used Ingrid functions, including a brief description, syntax guide, and examples of use.
Set of training manuals for Data Library users
Step by step video demonstrations of Data Library functionality.
A selection of previously-asked questions about climate and our atmosphere and oceans.
The topics discussions cover particular topics in greater detail.
Examples of using our UI core, which is the basis of Data Library and Map Room pages.