Monthly Climatological Precipitation Frequency

This map shows an animation of monthly climatological precipitation frequency -- the average number of days per month with measurable precipitation -- for the 1991-2020 base period.

Regions that receive measurable precipitation less often than 2 days per month, on average, are shaded in brown. Locations in various shades of green receive precipitation between 2 and 20 days per month, regions in yellow receive precipitation between 20 and 25 days per months, and regions in red receive precipitation at least 25 days per month. In this data set, in many parts of the world, the precipitation frequency is based upon an empirical relationship with total monthly precipitation.

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Monthly Climatological Precipitation Frequency

TS4.05 Global Monthly Time Series of wet day frequency on a 0.5° lat/lon grid
Data Source
University of East Anglia (UEA) Climatic Research Unit (CRU) (CRU TS4.05)
Monthly climatology of wet day frequency using the 1991-2020 base period


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